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I make the art I’d like to see in the world and now I’d like to share it with you.

Lunatic tendencies

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Not everyone will get it, each traveller’s journey is different. Sometimes destination is all sometimes the journey, the pilgrimage is the thing. 


My collections are about aspects of my journeys and reach back through my lifetime.

Painted Mirror


It’s All Made of Dust—
But It’s Star Dust!.”

See Art Make Contact

We’re All Made of Dust—
But It’s Star Dust!.”

See Art Make Contact


Artist Biography

Lisa Catherwood has been working as an artist and designer for almost thirty years, exhibiting in oils, watercolours and pen and ink.   

Northern Ireland born and largely self-taught, she cites influences which include Kathleen Kelly her Grandmother, an exquisite watercolourist, and Irish Artist Lawson Burch who taught her art for a number of years.  

 Her artistic philosophy is rooted in a deep sense of wonder at nature, and of humanity’s many achievements always with an eye to that fluid border between light and those ‘dark corners’ which hold the horrors of existence.

 Where others travel to experience, Lisa journeys through the creation of art; exploring the impact of light, colour and line on animals, places and people – beings of incredible magic and beauty, spirituality, creativity and splendid flamboyance.

I have journeyed far in my mind, always aware that whatever gods there be we are made of starstuff.

Shackled, but undeterred, by the debilitating and recurring illness known as M.E. she continues to hone her skills – a refuge, a meditation, a celebration.

More About me and M.E.

With her work she hopes to share with the viewer a sense of vibrancy and excitement in existence through light and colour and line. 

‘Fish Called Wonder’ is the latest series of works exploring fantasy koi – symbols of love and friendship finding homes in Japan.