ZOOM ART Classes

To all my creative friends. Every day is a ‘just do it’ kinda day. Remember you are unique, your creativity and the things you do with it have never been seen in the universe before and will never be created in this form again. Go ahead, you’re stardust, make marks and sounds. Send your ideas into the vastness. You are fabulous.

Thank you for being part of my life.

– Lisa Catherwood

“Join in on Saturday mornings for painting and drawing with me”

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    You’ll taste the difference

    A relaxing schmooze through line and paint and brushes and pens. This is an eraser free zone because no mark is wrong. 

    Noone ever has to see what you paint but we’ll have the fun of doing it together and I will try to share some of my hints tips and nonsense in the process.

    Rainbow range of colour

    Often created from a limited paint palette. Enjoy the process and make the art you want to see in the world. 


    Some paint, a couple of different sized brushes, size 2 and size 6 for preference. Some water and some reasonable quality paper. I also often like to use a copic fineliner. 

    “Paintings are all about the quality of our colour: you’ll see the difference. Meet your rainbow range of colours, packed with essential heart and soul and bursting with energy and excitement”